What should be done to connect to the machine OI remotely?http://forum.arhipkin.com/Smileys/default/laie_14.gif

In general, all systems approved service connection to the desktop in this system works differently Desktop Sharing Service

- First, go into the menu system> option> Desktop Sharing, open and set the check mark in each section do not forget to password protect then in any case need to have interenet connection between computers or local area network if you have such a remote server then the address of the call will be the address that is assigned to the provider be static for the same


if you are using a local router, assume first of all, open port 5800 on it you are logged on to the machine-driven
first you will need to download plug-ins do not reach and then enter your password on the managed machine to confirm permission to open the program
on the remote computer is actually, if you have a remote server settings can make you first on the managed server to take permission to open the program if the corresponding function is still marked with a tick
and so to manage the server remotely dial after all the procedures for resolving discovery programs remotely

in your browser http:// <addres>: 5800, type the address of your machine on the Internet or local network, and add that you open a port you are ready to run!

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